About the PTA

The PTA at Mount Vernon Community School supports the students, teachers and parents and helps create a vibrant and enriching place to learn.

What we do

  • Class field trips
  • Plan in-school enrichment programs (like Mister G!)
  • Provide grants to teachers for in class supplies
  • Provide funds for the school to purchase items such as smartboards, ipads, laptop computers, art supplies and music instruments
  • Reading and book-give-away programs
  • After school clubs
  • Scholarships to participate in after school clubs
  • Teacher appreciation activities
  • Organize in-school volunteers
  • Helping Hands Fund
  • Support health and wellness programs

Who we are

  • Executive Committee: Elected officers and MVCS Principal. Suggests vision/goals for the school year.
  • Executive Board: The Executive Committee plus the past president, teacher representative and committee chairs. Creates committees and develops and carries out goals and PTA activities for the year.
  • General Membership: Volunteer force that carries out PTA activities. Elects officers and votes on committees, changes in budget over $300 in a specific area, proposed budget for following year (in June) and other items as needed.

PTA Documents: